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 Meet Cheryl.

After being in childcare for over 30 years, preparing hundreds of children for primary school. I am now transitioning from in home childcare to online preschool and tutoring. 

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My Story

Being a child with a child on my hip, my father would often remark on my nurturing nature at a young age. At just 14, I knew my calling was in childcare. While other children my age were obtaining jobs through the school system, I dedicated myself to caring for the children of tourists who stayed in downtown hotels, as well as tending to the children in my family and neighborhood. 

 In the 90's I established a family daycare center in my home, which became my fulfilling venture for over 23 years. Later on, I switched to in home childcare and I have been joyfully doing that for over 10 years. Throughout these years, I have successfully prepared numerous groups of diverse children, spanning various ages, for primary school. I have also gained firsthand experience in working with children who have special needs.  

Through the years I have received various awards for the work I have done in childcare. Including, a Resolution Award from the City of Baltimore. 

I am certified in early childhood education and possess a range of additional qualifications. 

Deeply believing that early education is the cornerstone of a child's development, I invite and encourage you to enroll your precious ones in my online program. Together, we can unlock a future full of endless possibilities for our children. Let us give them the head start they deserve. Remember, what we teach our children today determines their tomorrow!

What make me an expert on early childhood education?

Over the past three decades, I have dedicated my life to this noble cause, focused on safeguarding children and equipping them with the skills necessary for success. Through both my professional pursuits and first-hand experiences, I have cultivated a unique perspective that sets me apart as an expert in this field.

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