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We Have AWESOME news!

GHHBS Childcare Agency in MD is now The Play Laugh and Learn Academy!

As a result of my love and commitment for early childhood education and my over 30 years of experience in childcare, I am delighted to announce my transition from at- home daycare to online education. 

The Play Laugh and Learn Academy Online Preschool provides interactive learning for children ages 1-5. We provide a curriculum that is conducive to the needs of every child embarking on their journey into primary school.

Our age appropriate curriculum as well as activities consist of basic, motor, developmental skills and much more. Our goals is to create an engaging online preschool where children can prepare for primary school in the privacy of their own homes, being surrounded by their loved ones. this also allows for them to learn the what's and how's of teaching their children. If a parent or educator should require personalized lesson plans, they can reach out and we can make the needed arrangements. Our approach to education involves nurturing and developing children's social, intellectual, and emotional skills. We create well rounded curriculums that houses various academic subjects such as learning the alphabets, colors, shapes, numbers,science, language arts and more. Also, we encourage children to express themselves through speech, music, dance, art and play.  We place strong intensity on character development, mannerism, empathy, respect and more. We know for a fact that these things are needed in order to have healthy social skills.


Our owner has over 30 years of experience as a daycare provider and a number of years as a foster parent. Our owner has received a resolution award from the City of Baltimore for the work that she has done in daycare. She has submitted an idea for a new children's program to Disney, Sprout, MPT and other channels that support children's programming.  Cheryl is certified in early childhood education, Play and Learning in Early Childhood, Learning Centers, Great Days with Kids: Curriculum and lesson planning, Days with Toddler: Curriculum Planning for ages 12-36 Months and more.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your child’s educational needs. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to fill out an employment application. We are always on the lookout for experienced and  educated people to join our team.

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